June 24, 2008

Return to Dash Point

There has been some talk as of late (and it's not just me talking), of doing camping. I think, if we do, we could go to Dash Point. It's relatively in the middle of everyone, from Tacoma to Seattle, so whoever wanted to go, could conceivably go.

Anyone else interested in this idea? I'd even be willing to plan most of it (though as far as getting there, I will likely have to rely on James/Jimmy).

I would need to know the level of interest and the best days for everyone to go. I'm thinking sometime mid-to-end of July, or mid-to-end of August. Tentatively.

Hey jOe, you could even go, but you'd probably have to drive yourself there. Don't bring your brothers. They are idiots and smell bad. No offense.


  1. just a ballpark figure - july 26-27th? its the weekend (which I work) - but i could ask for those two days off.

    everybody talking about camping, sheeit

  2. So far as I know, I'm free that weekend as well.

    Now, do I load a large vehicle full of TV's, game systems, half-a-house...

  3. Hey, I'll probably even be on the continent those days

    ....in Austin, Texas.