April 23, 2004

Um... jEFF, Paul Walker was in Joy Ride and That Shitty Car Movie That I Won't Name, too.

I actually kinda liked Joy Ride. Probably because the whole time I was hoping they'd kill off Paul Walker. Of course, I was drunk when I watched it, so...

The previews for the CORE looked so shitty, I never bothered to see it. While Jeepers Creepers sucked, at least it wasn't insulting. The entire idea behind the CORE seemed so crappy, I just figured it was written by a third grader.

But Steven is right. Jeepers had potential. Sound concept, extremely poor execution.

I also never saw Timeline. Really liked the book, but when I saw the movie was going to have Paul Walker - that just killed it. That feeling of "Oh boy are they gonna fuck that up."

And on the subject of porn. Strange thing, but I also agree with JC. I've never been much for the nekkid chick desktop though. Not that I don't like it. I think I just like it too much. End up staring at the blank desktop and getting nothing done. Plus, I often connect to my home machine from work. Don't really want to have that conversation with the boss.

Right now my desktop is a picture I took in a neon shop at night when I was really drunk. Don't remember doing so, but it looks badass. Anyway, got some gin to drink.

Tomorrow I'm selling my truck.

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