April 08, 2004


At least I was able to get a fucking response.

You answered your own fucking question. Nirvana had a huge fucking fan base. That base consisted of a lot of people that did or would have listened to fucking hair metal. Of course, it could be pointed out that this happens every generation, the old style fades into the background for something fucking else. Certainly fucking happened to the early 90's rock. Either fucking way. {opinion}Hair metal fucking sucked worse than Nirvana.{/opinion}

So I fucking ask you: what's wrong with the fucking intro, verse, bridge, chorus, verse, "solo," bridge, chorus, outro structure? Rock and roll has been doing it for decades.

Not everything in life has to be fucking complicated. It's still entertaining, for fuck's sake. If every goddamn song were a musical fucking masterpiece, the good stuff wouldn't shine. There has to be filler somewhere, and a lot of the fucking filler is decent music. I'll revert back into my fucking comfort zone here for a final thought: If there weren't Geos and a million poorly fucking riced-out Civics, a '32 Ford roadster wouldn't stand out. Somebody has to fucking make the rest of us look good.

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