April 26, 2004

Guess what kiddies?

Uncle Jeff got a job at the VA!

Damn it took a long time. The application process first started in January... but it's official now. The guy who interviewed me called and told me that they were offering me the position if I wanted it. So I said yes.

Officially, I will be a "Research Health Science Specialist".

Fuckin' sweet.

More than that, I will be making enough money to do fun things again. Which means = Paintball.

So now, I'd like to say thanks for all the help you guys gave me during the process.

Mostly, Bradbury and Collins.

Yeeup. So when the big paychecks start coming in, I figure I'm coming down there and we are doing something involving alcohol.

And I'm finally gonna get myself a computer and a camera and finish up the DVD, cause now i can just fund it myself.


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