April 07, 2004

Funny thing. Friends will go through all kinds of shit for and with each other. All the while, swearing they'd never let a girl come between them, no matter what.

Until it fucking happens.

Yes, well. People change. Grow apart, et cetera.

Sure, she has nothing to with how pissed you are at him right now.

No, she has everything to do with how pissed at him I am right now.


Or, maybe it's not that. Maybe it's because there's just so much else happening.

Nope, it's the girl.

Fuck me.

Heh, keep going. You'll find it.

It is my fault. I waited too long. Then I left for the fucking desert for a week.

There it is!

The timing didn't feel right

Biding your time, worked so very well for you.

Still, though. He knew how I felt, a week before I left. I told him plainly. Said he wasn't interested. Been saying that for months.

And you believed him, with his amazing ability to differentiate between truth and fiction.


You didn't bother to tell her how you felt.

... Maybe not, but... But, but, but -

But nothing. It's not like he got to the store first and got the last one off the shelf. There's a certain amount of free will at work here.

Just wait for the backorder to come through on that model?

That'll work. "Hey, I hear you're not going out with that guy that used to be my best friend anymore, wanna see a movie?"

Good point. So I fucked myself. She'd already made the choice, before I went to Sin City.

She made no choice. You are (were) "just a friend." He was a potential suitor. A call from Vegas might not have hurt your chances, though.

You shitting me? I was way too drunk to pull that one off.

She might have at least gotten some entertainment value out of it.

No doubt there. Still, I have to wonder how long it'll be before she figures out he's basically just a lying, good-for-nothing bum of an asshole. Then what?

Wow, the truth. So you have only been hanging out with him because of her.

Funny thing, that. You think you know somebody, and then come to realize they are completely detached from reality. Then you question the friendship. And, well...

You're so very good at this, aren't you?

So, now I'm just wondering, why do girls always go for the assholes?

jEFF already affirmed that one for you: Nice guys finish last.

Exactly, and I've been working so hard at finishing last, it's too late now to change game plans.

Nice guys finish last because assholes run across their backs to finish first.

But where's that finish line at?

Doesn't matter. That they won by being dicks will eventually be noticed. That'll leave them hurting later.

How much later.

The fact that you are a connoisseur of procrastination has something to do with this.

Quit changing the subject.

Your stunning motivation certainly helps too.

I'll get around to it. Seriously, what the fuck is going on here?

When the assholes are selling used cars, and you've decided what it is you'll do, and are doing it, there's the finish line.

I think that involves college. Or so I've been told.

Yep. You can get nowhere in life without a college education. Ask anyone who's in college what their major is. Then ask them what they can do with that.

I always enjoy that. Seems a lot of people just bought in to that whole "you need college" thing as an excuse to delay making a decision as to what they want to do when they grow up.

Ok, bub, back on topic.

Yeah, the girl. Crap. What to do there. Yep. Still nothing.

Tell me: Exactly what noise does the pooch make when you screw it?


Buddy, you fucked up. You had the chance, and blew it.

Fuck. How to recover?

If you had that answer, you wouldn't be making this half-assed attempt at a post right now.

That much is certain: I have no answers.

That, and you need to lay off the gin. This post has made no damn sense.

But I LIKE the Gin.

See what I have to deal with here, people?

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