April 24, 2004

Actually, I would think that if you hit a tree or a person or whatever, and you die, it wouldn't really suck to be you. It would be far worse if you hit all those things, and live. And lose a leg. That would suck. Then it would suck to be you.

Otherwise Bonnie is wrong.

And, I don't see how Steve's advice is bad. Don't buy a decent car as soon as you save up enough for it? I wouldn't buy one until I have more than JUST ENOUGH for it, cause shit happens... and even decent cars can need money.

Maybe I just read it wrong.

And what was so wrong with the gardening people? Were they midgets? I always imagine gardeners to be midgets or old people. Was it either of those?

I need a vacation. When I save up enough money, I'm taking some of us and we are going somewhere...

In fact... maybe I'll do that thing I planned long ago, back in high school, and go visit Texas... where I used to live. I remember talking to James about that once... doing a road trip or whatever.

If that ever happens, who would be up for it?

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