November 01, 2002

Hey all,

I meant to do this earlier, but circumstances have kept me in a state of semi-limbo...

but all is good... and i did make a promise...

so anyway,
here is bonnie's address... right her letters... ASAP, cause i guess her address will change soon or something. Yeah, now that i read the letter, it's a temporary address... so write some letters real fast if you're going to... i should have done that already, but again... circumstances... (damn circumstances, the RBC's of life.)

i'll put the permanent one when she writes again.

meantime: here's my address in case you all want to write to me :)

Jeff Paulino
2717 Western Ave. #330
Seattle, Wa 98121

and hell, while we're at it... i'm sure Justin and Breanna want letters to (how do i know this... actually i don't, but whatever)

oooh, and of course... this person may be lonely too...

Cause we all need a friend :)

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