October 25, 2006

Socialize the Bunny

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Living around a college campus, you begin to notice just how much people drink as a way of socializing. (Which, given that, I would have expected more bars around the UW.)

When I was actually attending the UW, I didn't do that much drinking. Not at bars anyway. Hell, I bet James and Jimmy and the rest of them probably did more of that then I did.

Plus I wasn't a big fan of the whole "smoke in bars" thing. (Sucks to be you Jimmy.)

Of course, now you can't smoke in bars and I've been to a few. It's fun to watch everyone. I participate, sure enough, but the psychologist in me still people-watches. Especially fun is watching the annoying frat guys who hit on the obnoxious slutty girls. (There's an accident waiting to happen... an accident they'll probably name Joe or Mandy, or whatever the most popular boy/girl names are these days.)

We need to go drinking sometimes. Yes, that's what this post is making me think. I haven't hung out with many of you in a long time, nor have I shared a drink with you guys in awhile.

Of course, once again, you pieces of crap don't bother to actually read the board. Or write. Or at least read.

I will punch you all in the neck.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, I was not drinking at the time of this post.

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