October 29, 2006

So yeah... I enlisted.

I enlisted in the Peace Corps. Is it just me or does the word volunteer no longer mean what I thought.... it is actually going to cost me more to join the peace corps than it would to just stay working. I have more medical tests and dental stuff to do to actually be accepted as a volunteer than most people will go through joining the military. I didn't have to go through this much stuff when I enlisted in the air force... so wonder why they need more tests for volunteers? Seems like a way to weed out the crazys perhaps? So now I am looking at some extensive dental work, a whole lot of blood tests, a full physical, eye exam, and a fun appointment with my favorite doctor... my gyno. Luck me. (I know you really love that image dont you?) But the good news is that I now know my approximate leave date, and geographical region. I will be in eastern europe in august of 2007 (as long as I pass the medical reviews) and I will be gone for 27 months. Doing something with my PR degree. I'm hoping for the Ukraine or Romania....

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