October 02, 2006

Aren't people soooo nice?

Yeah, so I went to dinner with a friend last night. While eating, my truck was broken into and the stereo stolen, along with my ipod, my old cell phone, and a brand new pair of underwear I just bought at Victorias Secret. Sadly, the part I am actually upset about is the undewear... they were brand new!! I didn't even get to wear them first. Although they probably wouldn't have been stolen if I had worn them first... that would be gross. Everyone keeps saying to use my insurance, but the problem is that I have a $500 deductible. Meaning that the value of the shit in my truck was less than $500 (or right about that amount) so I would have to pay for it anyway. The good news is that I just bought a new cell phone (that LG Chocolate) that can do mp3's so I don't have to worry about the ipod or the phone being stolen. But I can't wear a phone for underwear, so I'm out $15 on those. And the truck stereo was a POS that I had bought to replace the last stolen one... so it was only worth about $35 bucks. It still sucks.

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  1. This is my Confession. . .

    It was me. I didn't steal the stereo cand stuff, but I did take your panites. I wanted them so badly that I hopped a bus all the way to Puyallup, stole them, and then took the 2 hour bus ride back home. Sorry.