June 10, 2004

Spiderman262626: so do you still talk to aaron?
zak p o w: yeah
Spiderman262626: does he ever go online anymore?
zak p o w: yeah
Spiderman262626: do you have his screen name?
zak p o w: self denihil i believe he comes on late though
Spiderman262626: that's fine
zak p o w: check the board you should be able to get to him through there
Spiderman262626: i'm making an effort to get back in touch with friends that i have left behind
zak p o w: whats your email address i'll add you to the board again, if you'd like
Spiderman262626: the one I check most often is Joshua.Velock@beale.af.mil
Spiderman262626: and my home address is snowboy26@earthlink.net
zak p o w: so what do you want me to send it to
Spiderman262626: the first one
zak p o w: done.

at least we'll have someone in the military posting.
( cough ) ah hem ( cough )

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