June 10, 2004

First and foremost let me address that which I won't address : bonnie-drama.

I mean c'mon, she's a woman. Asking for women not to be dramautic is like asking shit not to attract flies. It just ain't going to happen. So, like all women-related drama, if you just ignore it - it will go away and eventually the woman will cave in on herself and everything will be fine and dandy.

Its almost formulaic.

And now something of much greater importance.
Lets talk about Eggo Waffles.

These things suck. I do not, for the life of me, understand the appeal of frozen waffles which taste like shit unless you cake tons of butter and syrup onto them. Why do people buy these things? They have absolutely no flavour - not even the ZOMG!! BLUEBERRIES have flavour. It is the equivilant of eating paper. The only thing that makes them even remotely taste like anything to do with breakfast food is the aforementioned butter and syrup which you have to literally dump onto it.

They are the ricecrackers of breakfast food. They might as well be made of tofu for all I give a shit.
Eggos are for homosexuals and losers who can't fucking make pancakes or krepes for themselves.

Fuck "let go of my eggo" - more like "oh no, its an eggo"

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