June 24, 2004

Revolt 98105-20040624-1506-6005

They invented the Guillotine for it. Or at least that was the impression some of my history teachers gave me. Of course, they were from Bethel, so some of that information is circumspect I suppose.

Still, if they didn't invent the Guillotine for the Revolution, they certainly made it applicable for the Revolution.

But I do contest, the French Revolution didn't make as many ripples as say... the Soviet uprising. I'm not a history major, so I'm not all historied up. I wish I was, but I'm not. I should read up on that.

It is kinda interesting to note that as far as I can recollect, I hardly learned anything about the Soviet uprising and the start of communism in Russia. I mean, other than the basics. We learned much, much more about the French Revolution. My assumption: I was in school during those years that we would have learned about it, while under the veil of the Cold War. I guess nobody wanted to talk about Russian and the pros/cons of their history. That's my off-handed best guess, so who knows.

And Chronicles of Riddick: HAHAHAH FUCKERS... to all you who said, "ohh Pitch Black was so good..." I did watch Pitch Black, and yes, it was better than I had expected, but if any of you actually thought that Chronicles of Riddick was going to be good, you obviously hadn't learned your lessons with Star Wars and the prequels. Sequels, prequels, what-have-you... just tend not to go good.

Usually someone gets the idea that even bigger special effects are going to make it better. Not to mention... Pitch Black was good because nobody expected it to be. Matrix was good (in the eyes of the general populace, and compared to it's successors) because nobody expected it to be good and it was a no-name. Star Wars was good because it wasn't expected. Then what happens? "Ohh, I have a fanbase, and thus am guaranteed money and an audience. Let's CGI everything! People, plants... a moose in a room. Doesn't fit? Doesn't matter, Do it ANYWAY!"

I hate when captalism makes movies.

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