June 18, 2004

Few things to say quick-like here, then I have to get back to it:

1) My return: Not until August 16th now, and I return to work on August 17th. Luckily, I'll be back a few times between now and then. Looks like July 3/4 maybe, not sure yet. One other weekend I'll be back and that's it.

2) Summer break: I'm a 180-day per year employee now, so I get summers off. This summer, it worked out that I'll be up here at Pilchuck from the day after I'm done for the summer, until the day before I return. With only two breaks.

3) Pilchuck: Guess what? A year later, this place still rocks. Being here all summer rocks even more. I'll be testing the load capacity of my car when I return; I'm getting a lot of really cool stuff made so far. After this session is over, I'm free to do whatever the hell I want for almost two months. I'm the "librarian" from July 5 until August 16, which means I'll have nothing to do but make art all day. Bad-fucking-ass.

So, now I have to get back to it. There's a fire pit, fixin's for s'mores and two kegs waiting for my return.


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