May 14, 2006



I want to know something.

Why the hell do people think that I want to see their ass-cracks? Seriously. I don't. Even if you were the hottest person on Earth... I don't want to see your ass-crack.

Well, maybe Natalie Portman. I'm undecided on that one. Or that chick from Lost.

But even then, I'm not sure. I'd rather have them wearing a parka.

There is definitely absolutely nothing appealing about seeing someone's ass-crack. Nothing.

Especially when I'm eating chowder on a sunny day. I guess it being a sunny day really has nothing to do with the fact that I was eating chowder. But it was sunny, and it's for setting the setting.


So anyway, there I was, after having gone to the Seattle Cheese Festival, and getting loaded on cheese, eating chowder. The Crab Pot. Good chowder. Not the best chowder... I'm still on the hunt for the best chowder. But damn fine chowder nonetheless. So there I was, enjoying my chowder... when McChunky decides to sit in front of me, her back facing me. And there it was... ass-crack.


Staring me down, while I'm eating. But I can't fault her completely, she did decide to pull down her undersized shirt a little, which meant that instead of showing all of her flabby backside, she was only showing 25% of her flabby backside.

Yeah, I'm a lucky guy.

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