May 08, 2006


Rolling Damage

I am a firm believer that in order to grow and succeed and evolve and whatnot... that you have to face adversity. That's just how the whole growth process works.

And yet, I'd like to know how a fuckin' blown tire really helps me.

Two days ago, Saturday (May 6th. 2006), I was scrambling to put together all the pieces for a bachelor party at a paintball place in Everett. And what was supposed to be scheduled, wasn't. So in the end, trying to get nine people up to a place in Everett with only a three-seater truck and a motorcycle made things a little difficult. But then we got my roommates truck, and all seemed to be working just fine. That is...

until I was told to follow the the truck into a gas-station because people thought it was a shortcut. Then when they realized it wasn't (and I had already known but went along - my mistake) I had to circle around the block, finding myself at an intersection with no immediate right turn available. Then someone suggests making a "U-ie" and so I try that. And I misjudge the distance between the car and the curb. And I hit the curb. And I hear that fun sound of a tire exploding.

And there goes Paintball.

I post this not to entertain you retards - since none of you ever read this board. I post it to remind myself of another time when I was driving, and then told to do something that I didn't initially want to do... and that lead to an accident.

That incident, of course, was the headlights-kicking-in incident way back in the days of Bethel High School. When I followed a car that tried to run me into oncoming traffic. And after following for a bit, under the suggestion of the carload, those inside said, "fuck it, never mind" and I slammed on the brakes, the car went for a spin, and ended up in a ditch. Truthfully, nothing was wrong with it, other than we had to push a little to get it out. But I was mad, and I kicked in one of the headlights.

Go figure.

Somewhere there is a lesson in all of these incidents. I suppose it is to not listen to you people when I drive, as I do so much better that way.

That or I need anger-management class.

That or I just need to start driving more often to hone my skills.

Of course, if I one day hit a pedestrian due to situations similar to above, I'd get at least 100 hit points.

So that's something.