May 05, 2006



So I was thinking lately... actually not so lately... that we should all do some paintball again. I've been saying that for the past few years, but you fuckers never actually help go through with it. And of course I know that money is a part of the issue, but I'm sure we can all figure out a way to get around that. At the very least, we could make it a yearly thing. A "jimmoi-day" mega-summerpolooza of sorts... Everybody seems to enjoy a good --olooza.

Which also reminds me... we haven't done any sort of camping thing. That's partly my fault... I've been busy often. But I think that the next three day weekend I have off, we should all go to Fort Lewis and do a little cheap camping again. (And this time I'll bring my paintball gun, so if Mike has any fish or trout problems, we can deal with those.)

I don't know that anybody reads this board anymore, but it was worth a try. You bastards are probably too busy with your WOW to read this. Or post. And the supposedly new forums... yeah, that seemed like a joke. That and I've never really liked forums anyway.