July 01, 2003

Thanks, Mr. Bradbury who never calls me anymore -

and in response: The only condition I've previously been commited for was related to a lack of any desire to gain weight, even when it was not feasible for me to otherwise survive. I don't think the two can be connected.

The way it was explained to me, this qualifies as an L&I claim because we have a documented history of staff asking for help with dealing with this client's behaviors, which has been denied or ignored. The fact that I've not had any pertinent history of homicidal ideation, whatever that is, or of flying off the handle in the way that I did. This was immediately precipitated by him basically commiting assault and my employer not being helpful to me in dealing with it.

It probably helps that another former employee that had a similiar situation with this company now works in L&I's "claims" department. I wonder if it's possible to make certain it goes through her.

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