July 20, 2003

Pinkos and George took me to the Bite of Seattle today, where we had much lesbian sex. Oh, wait. No we didn't - but I had your attention, didn't I?

So - Pinkos and George took me to the Bite of Seattle. It was awesome opposum. George and I went through "free stuff" buffet line (george called it the "hot chick" buffet line. She even asked one of the girls out!). We got lots of free stuff and ate all of it - well, not all of it. Some of it had to come home with us. and none of it was hot, throbbing cock - REPEAT: we did not eat hot trobbing cock today. At the end of the buffet line, they gave everyone rolaids. How thoughtful.

There was a wishing well on the way in. We stopped by it twice - once on the way in and once on the way out - and I made the same wish both times.

Tony Roma's = goodness. I learned that today.

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