July 17, 2003

I got to thinking....

About people loosing touch with their "friends" after high school. Also, people pick up new friends – people that they went to school along side but didn't like or just didn't know.


Every now and then, someone will say "remember so-and-so?" And yes, I remember them. It's like "why don't I talk to them anymore?"

Oh, yeah, we all got jobs.

Our schedules don't demand that we all be in the same building for eight hours a day.

That's right.

Not to mention, that person kind of turned into an idiot. They always seemed a little slow. Even back in elementary school, they were always a little behind the curve. But, they were cool, and so you were friends.

All the way through high school sometimes. Since you were growing up right along side them, you didn't notice the changes.

It was all too gradual. Then you look back at a picture, and realize it.

Shit. That was 15 years ago. I was only four feet tall. None of us were very bright.

Now, they're a fucking dumbshit. Or just odd. You come to the conclusion that, even though for most of your life, you've known them, they've turned funny. Shit, how did that happen? We've read most of the same books, known the same people, been through the same shit. How come I'm me, and they're fucking weird?


So, you involve yourself in some sort of social function with them. Thinking, hey, maybe it was just a phase.

You were right, "dumbass" was just a phase. A phase on the way to "total fucktard."

I leave Tuesday. Since I need to be up there at five o'clock, I took that day off and was planning a nice, leasurely morning. Now, I have to be at work an hour or so that day to give instruction to the people who will be doing my job during the time I'm gone.

Fuck fuck fuck.

Not to mention, all kinds of shit is coming up for this weekend. Man, I have enough shit to do just packing up. I haven't got the time or energy for much else.

Already promised I'd be at a wedding Saturday. Figure, I've never been to one, so I better at least scope it out to see what all happens before my brother gets married next year.

That. Fuck. I gotta wear a tux. Well, don't have to, but it would just look stupid if I was the only (or is it olny?) groomsman without a tux. Originally, his fiancé said "you can wear whatever you want." Heh, I got her to do an about face on that one quick-like. I think the mention of an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals was what did it. No damn sense of humor.


I suppose I've rambled on long enough now. Look, a long post from me that doesn't include an image. Been a while hasn't it?

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