July 18, 2003

Ooooh... Hacking.

Lemme see.... This "Palat," (which means "Temple," no?) has AT&T Worldnet service. As they don't provide any free services, they have your billing info. If nothing else, they have the physical address where the contact was initiated from. If dialup, then it's a matter of checking where the call to their CO originated. If DSL or other broadband, then they have the street address where it terminates. To top that off, if it became an issue and this info was needed, it would SERIOUSLY torque them off to look it up. Even to call in a trouble ticket on a T1 line, with the circuit ID in hand no less, Qworst gets all pissy if you don't have the street addresses of both ends also.

Right now, a network admin has two choices:

1) Send off an email to abuse@att.net regarding this "attempted hacking" with the IP addresses and times of use. This would result in the person responsible for this getting an interesting letter in the mail, maybe even a phone call from a less-than-amused AT&T representative.

2)Contact the National Infrastructure Protection Center, a joint program between the FBI and Homeland Security. File an incident report regarding the attempted "hacking." Then this "Palat" individual gets a phone call, letter or visit from the government. Most likely just a letter.

You do understand, Palat, that "hacking" or gaining access to another person's computer, is a federal crime. Attempting to do so is not treated much differently.

Of course, nothing you've done has been destructive or used any resource not available to any visitor of this site. But, it's really not wise to do that kind of thing over a connection you paid for or gave any personal information to get.


So, all that having been said.... jEFF, are you using the wireless connection you steal from your neighbor to post?

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