July 16, 2003


we went to see LXG - or for the acronimcally challenged : League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen. I would write a review for this film but I fear that by merely typing out the title of it again that I might lose my eyesight. Aaron was informed that it " got a one out of five stars " - so already I knew this was going to be bad, but I choked it and told myself : " Everyone has different tastes "

Yes, well some things are just hard to swallow ( my penis, for example ) - and this film just happened to be one of them. Unlike terminator three - where the action " grabbed you " and you were just like " wow, what is one terminator going to throw the other terminator into next? A vat of lava? Shark infested waters? A playschool? " - whereas ( title of film with-held )'d action scenes looked more like... moving pictures on a screen. Eessh.

On a lighter note, when we went to go see the film I ran into an old college of mine. Well not college - more like someone I had the hots for and nobody knew because she was in the class above mine. Yes, there was people that I looked up to in school because I was once a sophmore and they were once seniors. Hard to imagine. So very little - if not none of you - know her. Her name was Rhiannon, red hair and a wild streak, although from talking to her she seems more ' calmed down ' than what I remember ( she mentioned she was engaged, and marriage calms/subdues just about everyone ) - some few people who might remember her are Brice, Breanna, and maybe Mike - mostly because he could have probably had sex with her. Merely because Mike seemed to have sex with everyone. She always makes me think of whats-her-name, the one who married someone named Michael and he use to go to Target with Jimmoi? Umm.... She also had red hair. Kinda loopy though. Ah well I forgot her name. But I figure the only reason why she reminds her of the girl is because of the red hair. And Rhiannon seems to have a thing for horses and horse shows and so on and so forth.

The day before that I went off to the Borders in Tacoma and met an old slug member : Mrs. Devlin-Schwimmer, otherwise known as Shannon. I would tell you what she looked like - being that a good 89% of the board found her attractive, but I can vaguely even remember what she wore. My memory of 'what people look like' is almost nil. In any event - we walked around book stores and talked. She makes fun of me, and I make fun of her. She said that she's 32 and Im 20 - and that in twelve years maybe I will find ... ah, I believe the word she used was : " peace " - maybe I would find peace in my life. I laughed and said " A peace of ass, maybe. " - har har har. She will be entering her home-made Jams in the puyallup fair. My suggestion to all on the board is to go to the fair, find her bloody jams, and regaurdless of how they taste or whatnot - if they allow you to vote, vote for her. Sure she'd probably get upset about us slugs "swaying" the votes in her direction, but I dont believe she reads the board so she wont know!

See everyone, Im doing pretty good for myself.
I've held dialogue with two women in the past week.
Of course, one is engaged, the other married.

Im off to play Morrowind some more.

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