September 27, 2006

Time Travel, on the Cheap

I haven't been down to Tacoma in awhile. Or Roy, if you want to be specific.

Fuckin' Roy.

You know, Roy should be considered the Most Vile Thing Imaginable, because it is. I don't care what you say, it is. When I do a movie or short video clip series on the shittiest places to live, Roy will be at the top of my list. Or I'll make a photobook about it.

But I'm getting mildly off-topic.

Not that there really was a topic to begin with.

I haven't been to Roy in awhile. The last time I was tehre was sometime in July. I was there because I had to go down to the American Lake VA Hospital to meet with a patient. While I was there, I stayed at the Collins' House. That because everyone stays there.

It's an unwritten rule. If you are traveling to Roy, you stay there.

It's the place that time sort of just forgot. Or really never cared about. If you want to remember the old times, go stop by.

I feel like I could have been hit with a break five years ago, and only just woken up and I'd think that it was still 2001. It's comforting to me. In the event of some sort of world-wide apocalypse, I might go there to die, choosing to die in the comfort of the familiar.

Unless I'm hookin' up with Natalie Portman... then I KNOW where I'm dying.

For those of you who also haven't made the pilgrimage lately, here's a little reach-back:

Just watch, in ten years, I'll go back and take a picture and it will look the same, except instead of an Xbox on the ground, it will be the Xbox 1080 or something like that.

You know it's true. You know it.

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  1. Lame! I wanted to reply with a picture, and you cannot leave pictures as comments. Lame.

    You, however, are totally correct. Some things never change.