September 14, 2006

Things on Motherfuckin' Things!


I haven't posted in awhile. But, unlike you bastards, I am posting. Do you know why? Because I care. Never let it be said that Jeff Bauer does not care. It's Bauer jack-asses. As soon as a save up the amount of money it takes, I'm changing my last name. I'm done with that weak other last name. It has done nothing but kept me down in life.

So that's right. New Jeff. And not that Phej crap either.

I went to Boston a couple of weekends ago... as some of you know. My true friends know that at least. The rest of you just suck. Suck like Chunky Beef kind of suck. (Which reminds me, if any of you see Mr. Parr, punch him in the neck and then take his picture so I can post him as another Chunky Beef.)

Now then... where was I...

Oh yeah, so Boston. (By the way, nobody calls it Bean-Town there... well nobody I talked to anyway. They did have a pub named Bean-Town pub though...)

I didn't eat there. It looked too East Coast for my West Coast blood. Didn't want to cap some foo's or anything either.

My trip to Boston also marked the first time I have ever flown (since being a wee baby - and that doesn't count). And wouldn't you know it...

There were Snakes on my Motherfuckin' Plane!

Okay... so there was only one snake. And okay... so it was rubber.


But I still Bauer'd that snake good.


This is why you all don't read this site anymore... isn't it?

1 comment:

  1. I can only hope that you got those motherfuckin' snakes off that mother fuckin' plane.