September 19, 2006

My offering for "the most vile thing ever"

I believe i have found something much more vile than yours heather dear....

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  1. Don't make me tell everyone about your sexual fantasy involving you, Dame Janet Baker, Janet Reno, and Margaret Thatcher. You know, the one where Margaret Thatcher wears the Super Stap-On 4000 and lets you lick whipped half and half off of the end of it whilst the Dame twists your nipples and Janet plays "Naked Photographer" for the whole schindig.

    Oops, it would seem I have told everyone! Sorry about that! Now, how funny would it be to photoshop her into the Baywatch Babes below. Her dream come true, I'm sure.

  2. No dear you have it wrong... its Dame Maggie Smith. But other than that... I guess the cats out of the bag... I will see what I can do about the photoshoping.

  3. Please don't! It's not like I don't have enough nightmares as is.