September 27, 2006

Checking In

So as to not have people assume that I'm not checking the board and working on stuff... I provide you with my filler post.

See... what a great filler post this is.

Secondly, I should kill you both for assaulting my retinas with that... My God... My... it hurts to remember it.

I don't think I could offer something as visually disturbing as both of those images. I don't think I have the willpower to look for something so visually assaulting. So there you go, you win on the visuals.

Of course, I've actually run into people that look like that. Namely my horrible Chunky Beef neighbor below, who continues to harass my friends about the outdoor cat. I'm going to have to Bauer her soon... or at least take lots of pictures of her with a wide-angle lens and run an expose on her.

How I hate her.

It seems like every year or every couple of years I have that one person that I just cannot stand for the life of me and I spend several moments plotting ways to destroy them. I'm not sure why of this... probably some broken childhood problem lurking in the shadows.

So this concludes Filler Post. I'll have something better later. When I feel motivated. Yeah... motivated.

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