September 15, 2006

I Very Badly Want to Punch Someone in the Neck

I try to get to work at 8.

About 1/3 of the time to 2/3 of the time, I don't.

About 1/3 of that time, it's my fault. Maybe 1/4 of that time.

The rest of the time, there is some universal balancing act that works in such a way that I cannot make it to work until about 8:26.

Most of the time, it's the metro system's fault. Today for example, the bus was late. Again. Go figure. You'd think that I would just wake up early.

Fuck that. I barely get enough sleep as it is. And this night I actually had slept well enough that I could wake up early or at least on time. But the bus had to be late.

Today's fiasco though, had nothing to do with the bus. Well, maybe it did in that I arrived when I did because of the bus. But as I get off the bus, to cross the crosswalk, I entered the twilight zone.

I look up, see the white man glowing, I look down and start crossing. And sure enough, I get pulled over by a motor-bike cop. Because when I looked down, it started flashing. Maybe it started flashing before I even looked down and I'm remembering it wrong. It doesn't really matter, because in the end, it had JUST STARTED FLASHING.

And guess what... apparently it is against the law to cross when the hand starts flashing. I didn't know that! Did you? (I automatically hate you if you did.) I always thought of it as a yellow light... you can still make it. And since it had just started to flash, I don't even see the harm in it anyway. And the cop was sitting right there... would I have purposely jay-walked in front of a cop if I had known that was a crime?

Look at this buffaloshit. Look. $46 because I was fast enough, and fit enough, to cross a short crosswalk with a just-started-to-flash hand. No posted rules about the crosswalk either. I asked about that, to which the cop replied, "it's on the web". What if I don't have a computer? (Ignoring that I'm posting this on one...). "Oh, it's in the library too..."

Because I have the time to spend my off-time in a library hunting arbitrary cross-walk rules?!

If you don't want some to walk across a crosswalk sign... don't flash the fucking sign. Blast that light with a million megawatts of electricity. Afraid someone will be caught in the middle... here's a solution. Don't change the car's light green for 15 seconds.

Honestly. I don't even care if you have a fuckin' hand-flasher or not... whatever the rule is... POST IT SOMEWHERE FOR SOMEONE TO ACTUALLY READ.

I'm not mad at the cop... he's just enforcing a rule because he's supposed to. I'm mad at the idiots who put this rule into place and then decided not to tell anyone about it. I certainly don't remember this rule in any driver's ed class I took.

So now I get to take time out of my schedule to contest a fuckin' ticket!? Oh, and the kicker... as I'm being written a ticket for jay-walking... two morons actually do jay-walk across a busy street.

Today is not a day to cross me.


  1. Did you get my email? I sent you Raechelle's email addy so she can start posting again. It's in your q-mail inbox.

  2. No I don't think I did. Remember to send it to:

    Let me know when you send it so i can keep an eye out for it.

  3. Dude, be mad at the cop. He could have let you off with a warning, the classic "now you know, don't do that again."