June 11, 2006

Chunky Beer Alert: Hospital Dangers!

I don't understand people. At least, not all people. And I don't understand how some things are structured.

Take, for example, how some hospitals have McDonald's built right into them. I mean, seriously?

What the fuck are you thinking?

The nearest I can figure is that it's an attempt to bring in repeat customers. Mr. Johnson, who has a heart-valve transplant because his heart is tired of pumping greasy burgers through his beaten up old veins, goes straight from his hospital bed down to the McDonald's and orders up a McHeart-Attack, SuperSized, of course... and bam, two weeks later, he's spending more for a second heart-valve.

Way to go Douchebag Johnson.

And that brings me to Chunky Beef, Smoker Lady.

Seriously? At a hospital?

I took this at the VA Hospital, where there is a smoking shelter. No, scratch that, there are like three smoking shelters. What the fuck? I can understand something like that at a bar or restaurant... but at a hospital? Why not just get rid of it and force people to adapt. For fuck's sake! It's smoking, not eating... (although in this case, this lady seems to have a problem with both).

You know what, if she wants to smoke, make her ass walk down the block and smoke there! It might help deter her from smoking a little. And that is providing exercise. I just cannot comprehend this act of providing shelter to someone who's already harming their body. If you really want to be a risk-taker, smoke in the fucking rain!

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