August 03, 2004

"The More I Post"

"The More I Post"

I've noticed a disturbing trend with this board and myself...

the more I post... the less others seem to...

Maybe that's just me... but it does kind of seem like it.

Then again, my posts haven't really had my trademark style... namely
making fun of Mr. Collins through a series of elaborate photo-posts.
That I apologize for... since I really haven't had the tools for that.

I also don't have the pictures capable of doing that right now... I
really need to head down there and see all of you fools again and take
pictures again.

I remember when I had the reputation for being the "archiver" of such things.

Then again, there are lots of things I remember that are no longer the case.

I wonder, at times, who else thinks of the past as much as I do. I
think it's one of my chronic conditions... I think of the past a lot.
I don't necessarily live in the past, or try to... but I do look upon
it longingly (there really is no reason for that either, as the past
sucked just as much as the past before that and I would look to that
past longingly as well... and I know that this NOW will be looked upon
somewhat longingly even though it's not particularly grand either).

I wonder if that means that I would choose to live in the past. I
don't think so though. That's what Andy does... or seems to. (Sorry
Andy, but it sort seems like that.) Then again, I think James sorta
does too (Sorry Collins). I mean they both still hate each other even
though it's been what... two years.

I guess that doesn't really say anything by itself. After all, I
still dislike David Sanders... (though honestly I think that's more
symbolic of something else).

What does say something is the constant barrage of text messages I get
from Mr. Collins quoting one or another of Andy's rather depressing or
seemingly self-loathing or emotional-longing away messages... and
sometimes in the middle of the night.

So maybe I'm not alone in this whole "looking favorably to the
past"... and maybe Mr. Collins and Mr. Wegener are more trapped in it
than they realize, or would care to admit. Maybe it's just true of
Mr. Collins, since I wonder how much time and energy Mr. Wegener puts
into keeping track of Mr. Collins' away messages... just as a thought.

Maybe I, Robot 2: Return to the Industrial Revolution, will be a
dramatic masterpiece.

I lost my sequence of thoughts a long, long time ago.

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