August 10, 2004

"The Hunger Strikes!"

"The Hunger Strikes!"

I wrote jOe an email about a week ago, and I haven't heard back from
him. And then today I came across this newstory and I realize where
he's been all this time.

*Note: this article originally appears in the Seattle Times... but I
decided to post it hear because not everyone clicks the links.
Sometimes I don't. So for all those crazy copyright lawyer people...
I'm not claiming this as an original piece of work.

Alleged hungry burglar nabbed in spree

By Michael Ko
Seattle Times staff reporter

Julie Sanchez keeps a three-stone diamond ring and two pairs of
24-carat gold earrings in a ceramic container on her kitchen
windowsill. But the man who broke into her Shoreline house early
Sunday morning wasn't interested.
Instead, the hungry burglar gobbled a box of Creamsicles, six shrimp
kabobs, about a dozen mini corndogs, half a large package of Costco
lunch meats, two fruit drinks, a glass of milk, a dozen clumps of
frozen cookie dough and several large handfuls of M&Ms.

Sanchez figures he wolfed down everything in 15 minutes.

"We believe he actually heated up some of that food in the microwave,"
said Sanchez, 44, who was sleeping while the man ate.

The family dog's constant barking finally awakened her and her
husband, just in time for them to hear somebody running out the
sliding glass door.

The Sanchez family was the last victim of an unusual burglary spree
that ended later Sunday when Shoreline police arrested a man in his
late 20s. The man, who is in custody at the King County Jail, is not
being named because he hasn't been charged.

Investigators believe that starting Aug. 3, the man broke into as many
as 11 homes in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park, usually late at night
and often when the homeowners were sleeping. And while he occasionally
snatched fistfuls of cash, he usually had only one thing on his mind:

During one break-in, the man even thawed some frozen steaks, fried
them and ate them on the sofa while watching television, said King
County sheriff's Detective Christina Bartlett. In that case, the house
was unoccupied at first. The homeowners returned to confront the man,
who ran away.

In fact, the man was confronted on several occasions, even getting
into a fight at one house. But he ran away each time.

The brazen burglaries ended about 5:30 p.m. Sunday at Berean Bible
Church, on the 2300 block of North 185th Street in Shoreline.
Churchgoers noticed a stranger rifling through a woman's purse. They
held him down until police arrived.

The man had food-related evidence in his car that tied him to the
other crimes, Bartlett said. Police don't have a clear idea of his
motive yet, but are considering whether the man might have an eating
disorder or was just being bold, she said.

Sanchez believes the intruder first ate the Creamsicles, which were in
a outdoor freezer. Then he entered through the kitchen window, which
had been cracked open slightly before the family went to sleep.

When she surveyed the kitchen after the man had gone, drawers and
cabinets had been ransacked and the refrigerator and freezer doors
were flung wide open.

Food wrappers and the contents of her purse were scattered on the floor.

But she found her credit cards, as well as a $50 gift certificate that
was a birthday present for her husband. Other than food, the only
things missing were a small amount of cash from her purse and a jar of

"I have four kids, and all of them could have been exposed to who
knows what," Sanchez said. "People have endured a lot worse in these
kind of situations, and we're just really fortunate he was really

Copyright © 2004 The Seattle Times Company

I'm sorry, but that is just ultimate.

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