August 04, 2004

High School.

It was fun. I did a lot of crazy shit, things you're never supposed to get away with.

Then again, it sucked, for the reasons jEFF mentioned: The fact that the entire primary and secondary education system in this country is only working to further the bullshit sociopolitical situation it has helped create. It squashes true creativity in an attempt to make life easier for the drastically underpaid minions we refer to as "educators." Creativity on the part of students and teachers, that is.

Not to mention the painfully backward caste structure where athletically talented douchebags get lifted up and presented as gods because they can lift heavy objects or run faster than others. Anybody that attempts to be an individual is automatically branded as an outcast, unless of course they join the football team, where they are lauded as a stunning example of a truly great person.


Forget that. Move on, and join the real world. Things change drastically once you're faced with the fact that your ability to smack the shit out of a leather covered ball isn't likely going to put food on the table or a roof over your head.

Of course, some (many) of these same dimwits go to college on someone else's dime (most likely taxpayers like me) and don't grow out of the high school mindset for another four (or more) years.

It's sad, really, how many people peak in high school. The world has so much more to offer. Then again, someone has to work at Les Schwab changing fucking tires. It sure as hell isn't going to be me. The sad thing is: the people who should be working menial jobs are now getting a ride into college because of the flawed educational system. These assholes are getting degrees in god knows what (they don't) and are now running the fucking world, still holding on to the powerlust and greed they gained as teenagers.

For me, high school was just the start. I didn't know it then, and have no clue now where it is I'm going - but I'm damn sure that high school wasn't the apex.

The fact that I'm sitting where I am writing this is proof enough of that. The people that are here with me right now (Pino Signoretto! - still can't believe that shit) are certainly helping me along in my journey. Seeing that it continues, actually. Where it ends - and what lies along the path - don't really matter right now.

Hmmm, maybe I've been up here too long....

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