December 02, 2008

A Post in the Fleeting Moment of Subsided-Pain

I thought I'd take a moment to post while I can functionally look at a computer screen and hit keys in a way that produces viable sentences.

It won't last long, sadly.  I can already feel it coming back.

In any event... was there ever any follow-up to the idea of camping in the winter months?  I wouldn't be able to do it this month, but I could certainly see kicking off a January or February camping event.  Slugs style.

(I don't really know what that means.)

As my pain comes back, I'm reminded of the fact that we really do take this whole information-at-my-fingertips internet-thing for granted.  Yes, I'm aware that probably 80% (statistic made up, though containing a fitting level of irony) of the information on the internet is at least 50% (another made up stat) unfactual, but it is still somewhat relieving and somewhat cathartic that we literally can 'google' just about anything we need to know about quickly in a few moments.

Considering that even ten years ago it wasn't as easy or accessible, and twelve years ago at the best maybe James Andy Collins could do so, and probably only get information from a website that he created about how people in First Aid don't know 'what the shit they are talking about' (rough estimate of his vernacular circa 1996.

But progress and progression is hard to measure when you're walking along with the measurer and his tape measure.  (Sorry ladies, no female historians in this particular whatever-this-is story.)

In any event, I am off to test a theory of clove oil for severe, debilitating tooth pain.  Then maybe I'll whimsically research the merits of purchasing/owning a PS3.  MGS4?  LittleBigPlanet?  We'll see.

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