December 15, 2008

Spreadin' the Word

Due to random boredom at work - which I squarely lay the blame on the other centers affiliated with the Seattle center, as they never review things in a timely manner - I stumbled across this site called Photonovela, where people upload comics and pictures with captions.  And I looked through them and realized, hey, my comic should be featured here...

If nothing else, then to say that hey, I think my comic is just as good as yours... I mean, go look at the competition.  I think it inspires all of us to put up comics there that rule compared to their current meager offerings.

Here's the LINK:

Currently mine is the first on their home-page.  YES!  It is also the revised version of the first issue, in which I made some minor changes, including something James continuously bothered me about on page 9.

Too bad you can't rate comics.

If you know of other comic-hosting sites, please let me know.

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