December 07, 2008


While working on a Christmas gift for my mom, I ran across this picture from my archives.

A Little Bit of PX Eatin'

I believe it's James, pre-job, high-school (round one), at the PX. I'm not sure where the blue lab-coat-like thing he's wearing comes from, or what he's doing with the straws, but I'm sure it was from one of those times when I went to pick him and Andy up and play games at the PX arcade. Long fuckin' time ago.


  1. are you serious?
    you did things with straws. french fries.

    y. o. u.

  2. Okay. I remember doing stuff with french fries, I will give you that. But I'm pretty sure that was Y.O.U. with these particular straws and that particular AAFES cup.