November 27, 2008

And a Happy Thanksgiving to All Slugs... Everywhere.

Yup.  My Thanksgiving Day happiness to you all.  Sorry that I couldn't see any of you - James, I had actually thought of stopping by, but I didn't get the chance to - and I've got a fucking sore throat, so it's probably for the best that I didn't.

However, Saturday or Sunday I might be free and may stop by the apartment to say hello.  Rockband?

And lastly, since I have nothing else of particular interest to blog about today (other than that I saw a few accidents both to and from Tacoma over the past two days, one looking like it was BRUTAL)... I have not posted a recent issue in the last few months.  BUT that is not because I haven't thought of Loose Slugs Comics... I've actually used the comics as a launching point for this:

Yeah.  Suck on that Stephen King.
I considered saying "Michael Crichton" but then realized that it might be too soon.  I got that for writing 50,000 words for my story (which is still not complete, but I did get the 50,000 words) entitled:  "James-2-James:  jOe Origins!"
The fruits of my labor will eventually be placed into the comics.  So there.  Still hard at work.
Turkeys everywhere rejoice, for your day of death is almost over!

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