November 01, 2008


So I've been wanting to setup a "BIG CAMPING" event for some time, ever since me-bradbury-jeff-dt-jimmoi went up to that PERFECT place in the mountains (which is nowhere near as far away as I had made out in any sense). I wanted to plot it out for Dec 22 - the first day of winter, however being so close to christmas I doubted anyone would be interested.

Then I got to thinkin' - What about NEW YEARS EVE/NEW YEARS? With most place, people have NEW YEARS EVE off - which is Wednesday. Here's the deal : If you can request the 1st and 2nd off as well, that gives 31st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th - all for camping.

Problem with this is - because of the timeframe the long mountain road up to that place we went to last time won't be available, so I'm thinking of going to dash-point this time. Being that it is practically 2-3 months away, should be able to wade through whatever bullshit registration-reservation nonsense they can throw at me.

The only problem with this is that camping alone is boring. Is anyone else interested in such an excursion? I'll be sending out txt-notifications as well in an attempt at gauging if it would be successful or not - but its really something that could be fun because really - who goes camping for new years?


  1. I'm actually sad about this, because I would love to do this if I were going to be in town. I've always wanted to try camping in the winter. James I'll be in Minnesota until Jan 2nd (I think, it might be the 3rd). However, if you still want to do camping after you camping event, during the winter, I'd be up for it.

  2. Just a thought, and I know you guys are going to call me a pussy for this, but since it's going to be cold as fuck out, to where sleeping in a tent is going to be downright unpleasant, why don't we check into some place where we could rent a cabin. The price can't be that much divvied up and I'd much rather sleep on a hardwood floor than out in the cold.