November 08, 2008

I'm pretty sure my vote doesn't count if I don't cast it. Figure it this way Jeff:

There is a V-8 motortrends awesome car engine of the year. It needs to be upgraded to either Hydronic-plus oil, or Turbotransflow oil. You know absolutely nothing on either of these oils - but you have the option to "vote" to decide which one should be used. You, not knowing anything about either - may actually do more harm than good by voting willy-nilly.

The obvious response to this is: "WELL RESEARCH THE TWO OILS TO MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION" - to which my obvious response is: "I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT OIL WE USE, THE ENGINE WILL STILL RUN".

I'm still peeved that we're not working on a 100% republic system with the advent of the internet, but noooo movies like MAN OF THE YEAR ( link ) have to call into question a computer's ability to A L P H A B E T I C A L L Y sort candidate names. YEAH NOBODY TESTS SOFTWARE OF COURSE NOT.

I encourage people NOT to vote. I'd rather have someone who did research and made an informed decision cast a vote than some fucker who decides "ITS MY RIGHT TO VOTE I HAVE A VOICE" - honestly I don't think everyone should have a voice. YOU DO NOT DESERVE THE RIGHT TO THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Everyone gets pissy when I say that. Remember, I advocated totalitarianism in highschool. Dictatorships get shit done. The rights of the many should be sacrificed for the whims of the few. And everyone goes: " you just want to be in control of everything!" - which is poppycock. Look at my education and placement in society. I'd be at the bottom, honey. And. It. Wouldn't. Bother. Me.

And lastly: I hope 'iamcrystal531' is a fake name you made up.
As if it isn't - i'm glad she didn't vote based off screen-name alone.

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