October 26, 2008

Long Road of No Posts

Yeah, it has been a little quiet.  Some of that is my fault, undoubtedly.  As it turns out, I've been a little busier than expected for the past few months.  Work, home stuff, and then having my wisdom teeth yanked out of my mouth while consciously sedated...

Here's an interesting revelation:  the sound of teeth being pulled from your face... it's probably very similar to the sound of ripping chicken meat off of the bone, only echoed in your head fifty times the normal sound.  It's at once terribly interesting and terribly scarring.  (At least, I bet it is if you are under the age of 12 - good thing most 12 year olds don't have that to do deal with.)

The nice thing is that the let me keep them.  I may have to post pictures of my teeth.  Then, if I ever disappear, a record can be used to identify my body against other John Doe's.

Otherly, I haven't had the time I wish I had to work on the comic... not that I haven't entirely worked on it (I've been working on many, many photoshop templates for it, just not the actual issues... but one SHOULD be coming by end of October, early November.  -  and fyi, Chris Farley is a bitch to find pictures of online.)

At least, throughout, I have managed to make more time to actually see some of you in person, if I haven't had the chance to post.  Jimmy, DT, Bonnie and James...  one of them, minus James since he wasn't there, should post their thoughts on Choke, since they have all read the book and seen the movie, and I have only read the first few chapters of Choke, but have seen the movie.  (I liked the movie, in short.)

jOe, you should come up and play games with us some time, or invite us down to your place.  You're always busy, and you bastard, you never sound excited to see us.  You and Dave could throw a party, a vast forest-centered bash.  We'd consider coming.  And we have a friend who loves the forests and the trees.  He has a spirit-like connection with them.

Well, that is all for now.  Congrats to jOe, for prompting me to post.


  1. It was the happy birthday post that did it.
    Way to kill the board. =b

  2. Is that your way of saying that you have become irreverent? I certainly hope not.