July 30, 2004

Email Approach to Blogging

Yeah, so I've decided to try this email-posting thing, so that I can
finally start reposting, and reporting all of my wonderful things to
you fine people. Such fine people.

Also... I have noticed that my cell phone as the ability to take
pictures and send them via email. So just imagine the posting
opportunities that presents me. I have tested it on a friend, and it
worked, once.

Since then no luck... but I'm gonna keep trying. Soon I will post
pictures of the annoying people that I see at Hollywood Video,
complete with story.

I have one now, but I have to determine how to correctly post it the
the site. I doubt simply attaching it to this email will do the

Gah, I need to probably buy webspace so I can start storing pictures
and posting them to the internet.

Hey Bradbury, you have a .Mac account... how versatile is it? Can I
access most of it's features off a PC, for when I'm at work? I
noticed the price on a .Mac account was fairly reasonable, especially
for the space given and all that - or at least I figured it was
reasonable. Let me know how accurate my assumption of this is.

For the time being, I'll just email James the picture and have him
post it if I cannot figure this out.

If it all works out, this may be the beginning of a whole new posting
era for me...

hehe, then again, I certainly have said that in the past... so much
so, that all of you are probably laughing and having nostalgia about a
certain... MEGApost...

I miss the glory days.

: J.paulino :

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