May 07, 2004

Well, I saw "Collateral Damage" yesterday...

which means I think I've seen all of the Arnold Swartzeneggar flicks, except for maybe three that I'm not thinking about...

Either way, I think I've seen enough to make a preliminary top five list of the best Swartzeneggar flicks made, that I can remember and have seen (for all those of you who are undoubtedly about to get all pissy that i forgot one in the list).

And this list goes as:

  1. Terminator II

  2. Predator

  3. Terminator I

  4. Total Recall

  5. Twins

And the top five list for the worst Arnold flicks ever, from Core-level to "not so bad I suppose":

  1. End of Days

  2. The 6th Day

  3. Batman and Robin

  4. Jingle All The Way

  5. Terminator III

Yeeup, End of Days was my pick as the all-time horrible Arnold Swartzenegger movie, of the ones that I can remember seeing, mind you.

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