May 18, 2007

Na-na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, good-bye!

Well it's official. I leave June 24th for Philadelphia PA, where I will spend two days getting a briefing on safety and vaccinated for yellow fever and typhoid. After that I will be on a plane to spend the next two years in Azerbaijan. (For my geographically challenged friends, it is located north of Iran, south of Russia, with Armenia and Georgia--the country-- on the western border, while the Caspian Sea is on the Eastern border). I will be back in the USA on September 12, 2009.
I got the job I wanted though. I will be piloting a new program in Azerbaijan, as a Youth Development Facilitator. Basically, I will be teaching English, leadership, teamwork, and any marketable skills that these kids aren't getting in school. I will be living with a host family for the first three months in a small village doing my language and culture training. After that time, I will be officially sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and will then spend the next six months after that with a new host family at my work site. Each volunteer is placed in their own small community, and we are assigned to schools, libraries, or other organizations that work with youth. I will have housing, food, and other essentials covered by a living stipend.
I have a going away party on June 10th at 4pm. Not sure where yet, they haven't quite figured that out... I will let you know when I know.

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