February 15, 2007

New Phobia

So after a lovely 15 hours in the dentist office last week, I now have a healthy phobia of the dentist. I never used to mind going in, at least not as a child. But seeing as how I haven't been to the dentist in...oh, 10 years or so? I guess you could say I had it coming. The results are in: I had a total of 12 cavities, and a need for 4 extractions. On Monday, I spent an hour getting the exam and x-rays done. Tuesday, we completed two fillings before the dentist realized that "oh, this one is going to need a root canal." So we began the root canal that day. 3.5 hours later, I was ready to leave the office.
Wednesday was the "fun" day. I went in and had an appointment in the morning, spending 3.5 hours in the chair getting 4 cavities filled. I came back after their lunch break, and sat another 3.5 hours in the office, where we did 3 more fillings, and started the 2nd root canal that was also a suprize.
Thursday I cam back to spend 3.5 hours in the chair finishing up my two root canals... good news though kiddies! The nerve on my second root canal wasn't entirely dead! We began the proceedure with a live root. Yes, you really can feel it even when you are numb. I didn't know whether to vomit on him, or punch him in the face, so I settled for jumping a foot and a half out of the chair and shreiking like a banshee. We had to finish the deadening before they could close up on the root canal.
I have one last appointment scheduled for the 23rd of March now. That appointment will finish my last filling and pull all four of my wisdom teeth. I seriously hope I get more codine for this...

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  1. Yeah. So it sucks to be you. A lot.