November 16, 2006

My Civic Duty... yeah... something like that

Seattle City Hall
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So I'm now on my second day of jury duty... which isn't really jury duty, but more of just showing up and waiting for something to happen. Apparently as a citizen of Seattle you are required, if asked, to serve two full days of jury duty. Most often is seems like all you do is sit around and wait for them to call your name, and then wait some more. If you're lucky, you'll eventually end up in front of a judge waiting to most likely be dismissed. I haven't reached that point yet, but I did get to see the prosecution and the defense.

Interesting stuff, this jury duty and civil service. Yeah. It's not really bad though, and my job is paying for my time off. If I get selected, I might even serve until the end of November.

Sweet potato pie.

By the way, the picture is not of the court-house. It is, however, of City Hall. I considered taking a picture of the courthouse inside, but I don't know if they'd like that. And yesterday Seattle was going through what could only be described as the second coming of Noah... that bearded bas-- you know what, nevermind. I've already racked up enough anti-heaven points, and if God doesn't have a sense of human, I'm severely fucked.

But yeah, civic duty. Interesting stuff. I just wish I had had the chance to grab breakfast this morning because I'm fuckin' hungry now.


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