March 19, 2004

We got these new phones at work. Pretty slick. All kinds of neat features. Still Motorola Two-Way. The only flip-phone that meets military standards for impact, vibration, dust and humidity. (I killed three of the last phones, this is important for us) They even have GPS.

Yes, GPS. Although, not very useful. It only gives you current position when you ask for it.

Turns out it's GPS not for telling YOU where you are, but for "Fleet Management" and E-911 locating.

Nice way of saying: we know where you are, we can guess what you're doing.

Luckily, it only works when the phone has clear signal from the GPS satellites. You have to be outside, not near a building or any obstacle, for it to work. Kind of pointless, considering that in our buildings or vans it's completely non-functional.

Good stuff.

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