January 13, 2009

Mild Amount of Huh?

So... welcome Smursh to our board.  Feel free to post your thoughts whenever they might strike your fancy... you might want to make an attempt at clarity in your writing though.

Honestly, I suspect Jimmy or Zach-0 myself... but whatever.

In other thoughts...

I was thinking about something the other day, around Christmas and New Year that I hadn't really shaken from my head.  I got an IM/Phone Text from Andy wishing me a happy Christmas/New Year, which I thought was a nice gesture...

And then I was thinking some more... and I realized... this is what we've all devolved to... it used to be that holidays and such were moments where we took time out to spend time with or at least acknowledge the people we care about (or if you're James, "associate oneself with")... and even if we couldn't be there in person, we'd call or write or send a card with our photo next to a baby or dog or {insert family members}.

I'm not knocking Andy, by the way.  He at least sent out a timely text message to everyone on his phone.  It took me till 11p on Christmas day to send a text to James and Jimmy wishing them a Merry Christmas, so I'm pretty at fault here to.  And I don't deny that.

Hell if I remember if I wished them or anyone else a Happy New Year.

I guess, to get to the point of this thought-line... it occurs to me that I should really work at embracing those people I know/care about, and making a much more concerted effort to acknowledge and "celebrate" those connections - which I know sounds like a lot of "growing up" or "mid-life crisis" talk... but... well there you have it.

It probably comes down to not wanting to hit 55 years old and regret the way I played out my various friendships and connections... so maybe, in at least some regards, it's selfishly motivated.

We'll see if I can move away from texting via phone, and more to interactive conversations with the lot of you... and come summer, another Slugs Camping Trip is in order.

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