June 09, 2007

Going away party

Ok, so my going away party (little last min notice on my part, sorry guys) is going to be in Spanaway at my friend Stephanie's house, today (the 9th) at 3:30pm. I know a few of you will be going, and directions can be found on my myspace blog at www.myspace.com/sovietsaint

Also, just an FYI, since I probably won't have much time on a computer for the next two years, I created a new blog to keep everyone updated. http://raechellewatkins.blogspot.com I will update/post as often as I can (probably about once a month or so). Since the region I'm going to won't have computers anywhere but internet cafe's, I will have limited access. If you want me to add you to my email list, send me an email to: Raechelle.Watkins@gmail.com

If you don't write, that's fine too. See you all in two years.

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