January 07, 2007


Okay... so for whatever reason, I cannot quite use this board like I used to. Mostly it has to do with not being able to upgrade this board to the new blogger just yet. Apparently that's because the board is soooo gigantic that it won't yet be ready to switch over to the new blogger.

Because you all care about that...

For the moment that sucks because it makes my normally easy posting method just a little bit more difficult.

Oh well... in the meantime, I'll just have to go a roundabout way, and hope that it works.

To that end, I present this:

Swing for the Moment II

Yes, that is Jimmy and James and they are playing my Wii. Look at them, all Wii'ed out. Jimmy really looks into it, doesn't he? And he's all sweaty, just like James likes him to be.

He loves his Asian's sweaty.

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  1. Or you could, you know, just *not* switch to new blogger.