November 30, 2004

Poor Poor Michael

Aww... Poor Michael

Michael... I accept you and all your cow-simulating self. If I
didn't, I would have had you executed long ago like Kevin.

You don't remember Kevin, because Kevin didn't get to stick around
long enough to meet you. I blame him, as he pissed me off, and I had
to... dispose of his annoyance.

You aren't to that level. So I am not forced to deal with you as I
dealt with Kevin.

Poor, poor Kevin.

Otherwise, I agree. We do need to do something. Something to shake
things up... unfortunately half of us do not drive, and the other half
do not want to drive...

and the other half have jobs that keep us from doing something.

So my weekends are free sometimes... we need to actually try...
planning something.

I know how we are all against the planning of things... but for the
sake of actually seeing each other, we may need to consider it.

Lastly, for the sake of keeping Michael from crying... I would never
actually translate what I say on the board about you to real life. Of
all the Collins, you are now the one with the most potential for...
well... something other than waking up in a pile of Post-It notes and
dog hair.
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