November 30, 2004

Well, I wasn't one to really hate anyone, cept jimmy, god I hate him. Don't know about most of everyone, but even if I did hate you Bonnie, congratulations. One would have to be a real big ass to avoid that....on a board no less.

I think its been ages since I posted. But sup ladies, I've been good. Having fun with a actual job ( so I call it, but James laughs at me for it ) at target. Apparently its a dumbass job, but one that pays me, so hay, I could care less. I final have cash to do stuff I've always wanted to when out with the group. But now it looks the group has all grown up and gone their ways and have their own things to take care of.

Jeff, I hate you so much because you are so funny, yes you call me what you call me, but I see no insult in it. I'm not one to go that far, mind toning it down a bit? Because I'd really like that interweb can of worms not to effect real life.

I was thinking of revising my list of how much I hate all of you because as time goes on, all of you have changed so much, like Bonnie has mentioned, but I don't know what I would say about each one of you because I have only been talking with Jimmi-o and Mike. I dunno maybe we could all do some stuff like old times, if it were possible.

bleh, fags.

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