November 23, 2004

so the craziest thing happened today.
i ran into andy at pierce. he's looking good.
i guess it wasnt crazy, just unexpected.
welll its almost turkey day, and im pump.
convince my parents to actually have thanksgiving dinner this year.
wasn't looking foward to micro-waved burretos and hot pockets (but i do have turkey and broccilli hot pockets and they are good...).
i have to do a stupid essay today.
i hate essays.
i hate a lot of things, especially mexicans.
yo, neeger-i need younger to drop my PS2 off, and all my movies (and yes, that includes Slacker you fag) tonight.
If you have forgotten the movies, there are in this order: Blazing Saddles, THX1138, Slacker, Texas ChainSaw Massacre, Eternal Sunrise of the Spotless Mind, Adaptation, and I'm sure there are others, but i have forgotten them.
That doesn't mean i don't want them back.
I need them before you forget, and than need money and go off to Blockbuster and trade them in for credit.
That irritates me, I know I'm forgetting a movie in there, somewhere.
well, i'm going to end this post.
If i don't talk to any of you before thanksgiving, i hope someone close to you gets cancer, you recieve a VD from your tomfoolery, and your family fights and an uncle goes nuts and start capping niggas.

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